OneCircle (Lightweight Containers)

Family business

Leadership in plastic kegs

We breathe innovation and sustainability. In 2006, we were the first pioneers in sustainable kegs, expanded the boundaries of PET technology and with our Bag-in-Keg™ technology, designed a superior packaging for (non) carbonated drinks.

Constant improvement

Over the years, these KeyKegs have been perfected further. The second generation of KeyKegs with their unique Double Wall™ followed later, along with the now famous Bag-in-Keg™ technology. This technology ensures a shelf life that is at least as good as that of steel kegs. The latest addition to our range is the UniKeg, which is fitted with a spear and our Double Wall™ technology. Each KeyKeg and UniKeg is full of innovations that allow the plastic kegs to do exactly what your supply chain expects.

Head start

Leadership in quality, innovation and development. We have been doing that for years already and it’s something that you can continue to expect from us. With KeyKeg and UniKeg, you will be streets ahead and benefit from our innovative and technological advances and market leadership.

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