OneCircle (Lightweight Containers)

OneCircle | KeyKeg winner of NHN Business Awards

12-03-2019 | Door lwc
Every year the NHN Business Awards in the Netherlands is looking for inspiring entrepreneurs. The companies are judged on five criteria: Growth and Development, Financial Health, Employee Policy, Sustainability and Regional Involvement.

OneCircle | KeyKeg winner of NHN Business Awards

Thursday evening 28 November 2019 the exciting final evening of the NHN Business Awards 2019 took place in the Cultuurkoepel in Heiloo. The evening started with a great dinner for 150 VIP guests. After dinner fans, guests and employees of the finalists and entrepreneurs from the Netherlands joined the beautiful scene.

All finalists had to go on stage to give a presentation. In our case Anita Veenendaal gave an overwhelming pitch that made us the proud winner.

We congratulate all the participants and the following finalists:
NHN Business Award 2019 - Large company: OneCircle | KeyKeg - Den Helder
NHN Business Award 2019 - MKB Midden: C.A. de Groot Groep – Alkmaar
NHN Business Award 2019 - MKB Klein: SOEPP - Alkmaar
NHN Public Award 2019: Fit20 - Alkmaar
Pitch Award 2019: HGG - Wieringerwerf
NHN Theme Award Sustainability and Energy: Maru Systems - Southeast Beemster

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