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Nightjar Coffee Roasters sign OneCircle

12-10-2019 | Door lwc
Leon Surynt, co-founder of Nightjar Coffee Roasters, recently announced the signing the regional reseller partnership with OneCircle (formerly Lightweight Containers) at this year's BrauBeviale, which took place 12-14 November 2019, in Nürnberg, Germany.
Nightjar Coffee Roasters sign OneCircle

OneCircle is the producer of KeyKeg and UniKeg: the world's leading sustainable beverage kegs. KeyKeg is revolutionising the draft beverage industry by offering premium protection and dispensing solutions for 'new-wave beverages' such as craft cold brew, kombucha, beer, wine, cocktails and more. KeyKeg's unique fitting, pressure relief valve and double wall technology guarantee quality and safety under the toughest physical and climatic conditions, which is specifically relevant for use in the Middle East market.

Bag-In-Keg technology keeps the drink separate from the propellant, with KeyKegs being tapped by compressed air instead of CO2 which saves a rage of costs and service issues often experience by the on-trade sector. The inner container and the outer wall of a KeyKeg are made of single source PET, a high-quality material that can be reused indefinitely, with OneCircle recently launching its first KeyKeg made from 58% recycled materials thanks to the collection and global recycling projects established by OneCircle and alongside existing waste streams.

As the official KeyKeg reseller in the region, Nightjar will establish the first OneCircle base here in Dubai – our goal is that all kegs will be collected, stripped, separated and returned into raw materials. KeyKegs' compact and lightweight design also means that there is 25-30% higher loading capacity than steel kegs, meaning more can be transported in one go, reducing carbon emissions and transport costs. The kegs also provide other sustainability benefits including reduced CO2 emissions and water use; unlike stainless kegs there is no need for harsh cleaning chemicals because Bag-In-Keg systems are sanistised and ready to fill.

Founded in the Netherlands in 2006, OneCircle has been the go-to choice in the rapidly growing craft beverage industry (Brew Dog and Brooklyn Breweries being an early adopter), achieving 50% growth year on year for the past 5 years and now the global market leader in lightweight keg systems. The company's aim is that all raw materials used in its kegs are recycled and reused with the goal of creating a 100% circular keg economy.

Founded in 2017, Nightjar is an award-winning coffee roastery based in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. With a committed focus on Direct Trade contracts at origin, Nightjar's guiding principle is to ensure that all coffee sourcing provides a measured and positive uplift for both the producer communities and the quality of crop season after season. In late 2018, Nightjar launched its experiential showroom & eatery to provide a platform for this signature range of single origin coffee, espresso blends and bespoke beverages on tap, picking up along the way Dubai Tourism's 'Best Coffee Experience' and 'Best Café' in The What's On Awards 2019. Key to this offer, Nightjar has developed a range of 'craft on draft' – nitro cold brew coffee, tea, shrubs & sodas – all pushed with a proprietary system of equipment, coolers and gas injectors specially developed to suit the region's climate and foodservice environment.

Throughout 2019, Nightjar has been working with OneCircle to test the viability of lightweight, sustainable kegs in the Middle East. Leon Surynt states: "The potential for OneCircle in the Middle East is enormous; kegged beverages, and specifically the 'Craft On Draft' category, is positioned to greatly benefit the hospitality industry – batched beverages can provide a constant source of menu innovation options with more consistency, whilst minimising labour and training demands, extending product shelf life, minimising beverage wastage (to the last drop), and accurately ensuring better cost control and margin maintenance. Due to our extreme climate, and various issues with returnable kegs, the rapidly emerging craft beverage industry has really struggled to grow or innovate with batch brewing at supply scale. KeyKeg alleviates many of the issues around sanitisation and contamination at critical control points (such as cold chain logistics / keg product security), and high investment costs in equipment and maintenance (tubes, valves and connectors being all high-risk areas). Ultimately, the KeyKeg system will enable the craft beverage industry to both grow locally and indeed export regionally. Nightjar was one of the first-movers in the cold brew coffee market, and this partnership starts our transition from a craft coffee company into a craft beverage company, albeit caffeinated libations are always our top priority!"

As well as kegging a signature range of products for foodservice, Nightjar has been working closely with a number of blue-chip hotels, and independent and international beverage companies, in order to launch KeyKeg on trade in 2020. As the official OneCircle reseller, Nightjar will be providing the industry a range of technical services for filling as well as equipment solutions for dispensing this exciting new category for non-alcoholic beverages in the Middle East.

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