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OneCircle increases Scandinavia footprint with two new reseller relationships

01-27-2020 | Door lwc
OneCircle, the global leader in PET kegs, has announced today two new partnerships which will increase its footprint in Scandinavia and the Baltics, as part of its reseller strategy and global growth plans. The new partners, Caldic and Norway's biggest brewing wholesaler and retailer Craft & Co, will now sell OneCircle's market leading KeyKeg range and will focus on breweries in the region.
OneCircle increases Scandinavia footprint with two new reseller relationships

Caldic Ingredients, which supplies the complete range of brewing ingredients including malts, hops, yeast and minerals, is now an official reseller of KeyKegs in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. By selling KeyKeg alongside other key brewing ingredients, Caldic can help breweries reduce their transport and distribution costs.

Commenting on the partnership, Martin Jensen, Sales Manager at Caldic said: "We have built our business on premium quality products which is why we only contacted OneCircle when we wanted to add packaging to our offer. Becoming an official reseller of KeyKeg is an exciting growth opportunity for us as breweries look for more cost-effective and sustainable packaging options."

Craft & Co is a leading supplier to homebrewers, brew stores and micro brewers in Norway and Sweden, providing a one-stop-shop for all brewing ingredients and equipment. It launched in Norway in 2011 and it now boasts one of the largest brewing customer bases in the local market.

Denise Hokholt, head of purchase and supply chain at Craft & Co said: "We have built our reputation in the market based on excellent customer service and technical knowledge. KeyKeg is a very good fit for us and our team have the training and expertise to support customers using the product. We are really looking forward to working together."

Annemieke Hartman, board director at OneCircle, said: "The new relationships with Craft & Co and Caldic mark another significant step in our reseller strategy. It will help bring us even closer to customers in the Nordics and Baltic countries in terms of the supply chain and technical support."

KeyKeg is fully recyclable and can be used in a circular way as raw material for new kegs. Currently, 30% of a KeyKeg is made from recycled material thanks to the collection and recycling projects established by OneCircle which operate alongside existing waste streams. There are now successful schemes in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, France and Belgium, with more planned around the world. The kegs provide other significant sustainability benefits including reduced CO2 emissions and water use, and there's no need for harsh cleaning chemicals. 

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