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KeyKeg consolidates Spanish presence with new Agronet Brewing partnership

02-11-2020 | Door lwc

OneCircle, the global leader in PET kegs, has consolidated its community of official resellers of KeyKeg and UniKeg in the Spanish market with the appointment of Agronet Brewing based in Barcelona.

Agronet was founded in 1992 and is dedicated to the distribution of high-quality products and top brands for breweries and companies in the food and drink sector. Its specialised brewery division provides a complete range of products, from malts and yeasts to kegs and brewing equipment, offering technical advice and high-quality customer service for breweries across Spain, Portugal and the South of France. Agronet has been chosen to become an official reseller because it meets OneCircle's strict criteria of sustainability, innovation, growth, efficiency and quality.

KeyKeg consolidates Spanish presence with new Agronet Brewing partnership

It has major warehouse facilities in Barcelona in the heart of Spain's major brewing region of Catalonia. This complements OneCircle's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Guadalajara which has the latest Lanfranchi blow moulding technology and equipment, as well as the latest automation and robotics technology. Agronet's facility will support the large customer base of KeyKeg and UniKeg in Spain, as well as parts of Portugal and the South of France.

Jordi Sala Riera, commercial director of Agronet Brewing, said: "We are pleased to become an official reseller for OneCircle and KeyKeg and UniKeg because they are products that fit very comfortably with our focus on quality and sustainability. By adding kegs to our offer, we can help breweries reduce supply chain costs and give them access to high quality packaging within 24 hours."

Annemieke Hartman, Chief Commercial Officer of One Circle, commented: "Spain is a very important strategic market for us and we have invested in state of the art production facilities to enable us to keep up with demand and ensure we offer customers the best possible service and flexibility. With Agronet joining our community, we are bringing our supply chain to the region's brewing heartland, as well as providing very high levels of service and technical expertise."

Both KeyKeg and UniKeg are fully recyclable and can be used in a circular way as raw material for new kegs. Currently, 30% of a KeyKeg and UniKeg is made from recycled material thanks to the collection and recycling projects established by OneCircle which operate alongside existing waste streams. There are now successful schemes in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, France and Belgium, with more planned around the world.

The kegs provide other significant sustainability benefits including reduced CO2 emissions and water use, and there's no need for harsh cleaning chemicals. OneCircle has also joined the Plastic Alliance and signed its declaration that its products meet the environmental criteria of the European Union so no additional tax needs to be levied on them.

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