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Soul Growers – Australia

02-11-2020 | Door lwc

Soul Growers stands for everything that is great about the Barossa; shared wisdom, new ideas, friendship and a passion for making and enjoying great wine. It was born out of a friendship of four dedicated souls who saw the opportunity to join forces and chase their dream of creating wines and a brand that reflected their view of the Barossa.

Soul Growers – Australia

Founders Paul, Tom, Leigh, and Stuart had worked together previously in a corporate world but were convinced that their future would one day be an uncomplicated, handmade, and lovingly nurtured winemaking enterprise which revolved around the very core of the Barossa Valley – the growers - who toil each day to produce beautiful fruit, just waiting to be made into wine. They see the grape growers of the Barossa Valley as being the very soul of the region, hence the brand.

Stuart Bourne is a key member of the Soul Growers team and has made his name as a top-end winemaker in the Barossa having spent the last fifteen years creating quality wines. His love for the region comes from it having "some of the oldest vines on the planet, the history of the area and its culture." He attributes much of the success to ensuring old-fashioned techniques and equipment are employed with minimal new oak. The fruit is simply destemmed but not crushed.

Much of his work is with the growers, making sure the fruit is as good as possible. In this sense, he sees himself as being as much a farmer as a winemaker.

We are delighted that Stuart and his team now use KeyKeg, which they have chosen because the kegs are easy to fill and handle in the winery and, more importantly, provide premium protection for their precious contents. Customers can enjoy high-quality wines in the very best condition and there's no wastage. And, when the kegs are empty, they can simply be crushed and recycled.

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