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Jan Veenendaal appointed as Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau

04-24-2020 | Door lwc

King's Day Ribbon for our founder Jan Veenendaal! It is a tradition: every year around King's Day a ribbon is awarded to thousands of people in the Netherlands. This royal decoration honours people who have dedicated themselves to society. We are very proud that the founder of our company Jan Veenendaal has been decorated today!

Of course, the annual Ribbon ceremony had a completely different character than usual. Seven residents of Den Helder (NL), the city where our HQ is located, may receive a Ribbon this year, but that will happen later in the year.

Mayor Jeroen Nobel went on Friday in person (from a distance) to tell the good news. The awards themselves will be presented later this year. We are looking for one national moment. When that is, depends on the course of the Coronavirus. The summary below tells you some insights on his good work for the society.

Jan Veenendaal appointed as Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau

Mr Veenendaal took over the car rental company Hevec Beheer B.V. in Den Helder from his parents in 1975, after which he merged the companies Duynker and Hevec. He was a pioneer in the Netherlands in the field of car leasing and developed software for fleet management. These schemes are still used in the current software of the major car rental multinationals. In addition, a program was developed for the car body repair company and he developed the project of a car wash centre, which at the request of the municipality was further developed into the commercial centre Ravelijncenter in Den Helder.

In addition, from 2006 to 2018, he was the CEO of the fast-growing family business OneCircle, formerly known as Lightweight Containers BV in Den Helder, founded in 2006. With a self-developed plastic keg for the beverage industry (called the KeyKeg), this offers an environmentally friendly, lightweight and sustainable alternative to the traditional steel container. And besides that no large start investments on steel kegs is needed. A community was set up to recover the kegs in order to be able to process them into new raw materials for new kegs. The company now has one hundred employees, the head offices is in Den Helder and production lines in the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, Spain and the UK.

The company, with its unusual business operations and high investment in keeping its employees sustainably employable, has been voted 'great place to work' (2018-2019), 'entrepreneur of North Holland in the category of SME mid-sized companies' (2018) and 'the most vital company in the Netherlands' (2018

In addition, he is engaged in the following voluntary activities:

1983 - 1993 co-founder, chairman and volunteer at the music society Kunstzin in Julianadorp (100 members). Involved in a new accommodation, initiated various fundraising activities and organized performances at home and abroad (20 hours a week).

2001 - present chairman (2001-2006) and board member (2006-present) of the Vasculitis Foundation in Silvolde. This is a patient organisation and source of information for people with the diseases in which the inner wall of the blood vessels becomes inflamed (1400 patients). Involved is/was a member of various ad hoc working groups and chairman of the volunteer compensation committee (12 hours per week).

Mr. Veenendaal has set up a successful business as an entrepreneur, which is evidenced, among other things, by various prizes awarded. He has also made an important contribution to society in the field of sustainability. One can speak of personal, special merits in the main position. In addition, he has dedicated himself to the music association and a patient organization.

Mr. Veenendaal is qualified as someone who has worked for a long time for the benefit of society or stimulated others. In view of the nature, duration, charisma and significance of the activities, His Majesty the King has pleased to appoint Mr Jan Veenendaal as Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

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