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OneCircle announces major strategic partnership with Vinpac International in Australia

06-09-2020 | Door lwc

OneCircle, the global leader in PET kegs, has today announced a major new commercial partnership with Australia's Vinpac International, part of the Endeavour Group, to support growth in this strategically important market. Vinpac is the first official reseller of OneCircle's KeyKeg, UniKeg and accessories in Australia, bringing the supply chain closer to wineries in Southern and Western Australia from its warehouses in Adelaide and Perth, and complementing OneCircle's own warehouses in Melbourne and Brisbane which were opened last year.

OneCircle announces major strategic partnership with Vinpac International in Australia
Vinpac has a very close relationship with customers in the region having provided contract bottling services to the Australian wine industry since 1975. It offers customers a complete service of packaging material supply and inventory management, bottling, winemaking, bulk wine storage, laboratory services, warehousing and distribution.
Its representatives are fully trained to fill, dispense and answer potential questions from customers and prospects, to ensure the high performance and service levels expected from KeyKeg.

Vinpac has become an official reseller because it meets OneCircle's strict criteria of sustainability, innovation, growth, efficiency, and quality.

Commenting on the partnership, James Vallance, commercial manager at Vinpac, said: "Today's announcement is an exciting growth opportunity for our business, and it means that our customers can access a premium quality packaging product which also has very strong sustainability credentials."

Tim Bakker, responsible for sales and support in Western and Southern Australia for KeyKeg said: "Signing a partner like Vinpac is great news for all Australian hospitality venues who can expect a wider range of quality Australian wine to be available in KeyKeg. KeyKeg is attracting so much interest from wineries because of the bag-in-keg technology which prevents the wine from oxidation, even while being dispensed, therefore preserving quality and reducing losses from waste."

Annemieke Hartman, board director at OneCircle, said: "We expect to return to the strong growth seen in the Australian market before the coronavirus pandemic and today's announcement puts us ahead of the game. The new relationship with Vinpac takes us to the next level because it means that we are now strategically and geographically placed for wine customers in the region with lower distribution costs and supply chain impact."

KeyKeg is fully recyclable and can be used in a circular way as raw material for new kegs. Currently, 30% of a KeyKeg is made from recycled material thanks to the collection and recycling projects established by OneCircle which operate alongside existing waste streams. There are now successful schemes in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, France and Belgium, with more planned around the world. The kegs provide other significant sustainability benefits including reduced CO2 emissions and water use, and there's no need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

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