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Great news for the UK and Ireland beer- wine and cider industry

02-27-2018 | Door lwc
From the Dutch town of Den Helder, OneCircle is storming the beer, wine and beverages industry with their revolutionary KeyKeg system. “It improves quality, reduces costs, increases sales and has a huge positive impact on the environment.”
Great news for the UK and Ireland beer- wine and cider industry

Until now, these products have been imported from the Netherlands. However, this is going to change!

Across all continents, breweries, winemakers and producers of soft drinks and other beverages are switching to KeyKeg. Since its start in 2006, OneCircle has grown into an impressive global market leader, serving thousands of happy customers worldwide. OneCircle currently operates production facilities in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. Because of the overwhelming success, a fourth production facility will be opened in the UK and several more will follow in the years to come.

Complete manufacturing and assembly factory in the UK
Jan Veenendaal, CEO of OneCircle: “With the increasing popularity of KeyKeg throughout the complete supply chain, we have decided to build a complete manufacturing and assembly factory in the United Kingdom.” The factory will start production in Q2-2018.

Reduction of transport costs of one-way kegs
The new production plant enables us to produce and keep stock closer to our customers, reducing carbon footprints, shorten lead times and cutting costs for our customers.

The recruiting of new enthusiastic employees has already begun. They will be educated and instructed extensively.

If you are curious what our new UK production plant could mean for you, or if you have any other question, please visit our booth at BeerX, or visit

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