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Congratulations from OneCircle to First Mile on winning the National Recycling Award

02-03-2021 | Door lwc

We would like to congratulate First Mile on winning the award for Team of the Year in the MRW National Recycling Awards. What a great achievement!

Congratulations from OneCircle  to First Mile on winning  the National Recycling Award

Since 2019, First Mile has been a collection partner for OneCircle in the United Kingdom covering the London area. Our partnership supports the hospitality industry in collecting used kegs in the most efficient way, so we can use the raw materials for the production of new KeyKegs® and UniKegs®, supporting our mission to leave the world a better place.

We value our partnership with First Mile and in the last 24 months, First Mile has successfully collected 15 tonnes of used KeyKegs® and UniKegs® which equivalates to 12,500 used Kegs.

OneCircle collection partners play a crucial role in increasing the percentage of reused materials in every new KeyKeg® or UniKeg® and helping us achieve our sustainability goals which continue to be part of our growth mission. We are creating a global collection community to collect all used materials to create a circular economy.

First Mile is one of the UK’s fastest-growing recycling companies, they provide bespoke waste and recycling services to UK businesses, helping the environment and reduce costs. For more information about First Mile services and the collection of KeyKegs® or UniKegs®, please visit

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