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Soufflet Vigne, a major player in the wine industry, becomes a partner of OneCircle in France

06-02-2021 | Door lwc

We are delighted to announce that Soufflet Vigne has become the new distributor, specialising in the wine sector, of OneCircle in France. Its presence for over 30 years in almost all French wine regions and the location of its shops in the heart of the production areas will enable OneCircle to meet the needs of winegrowers throughout France.

Soufflet Vigne, a major player in the wine industry, becomes a partner of OneCircle in France

This collaboration represents a new and exciting opportunity for OneCircle to grow in France, a country with more than 38,000 winemakers and some of the most prestigious vineyards in the world.

Like many agricultural sectors, despite its centuries-old wine traditions and heritage, the French wine industry is looking for innovation. French winemakers are increasingly turning to new technologies to better meet the demands of today's consumers. In particular, there is a trend towards the modernisation of wine distribution, as well as a growing desire on the part of customers to have access to more entertainment activities. This is pushing wine shops to evolve their business concepts and turn to bars and restaurants to enhance the buying experience and attract a younger clientele.

The KeyKeg® wine-in-a-barrel concept developed by OneCircle is a response to these new expectations. Thanks to the use of more sophisticated packaging in lightweight PET barrels, its large volume and its system for reducing the size of the packaging once it has been emptied, the KeyKeg® barrel allows for better stock management throughout the distribution chain, saving on transport costs and reducing waste, while offering customers a much wider range of wines by the glass.

With its in-depth knowledge of the wine industry and its experience in supporting French winegrowers, cooperatives and oenologists, Soufflet Vigne is the ideal partner for the distribution of KeyKeg® products. The barrels are now stored throughout France, in the various vineyards where Soufflet Vigne is present, thus completing its already abundant range of products and services in wine distribution.

In addition to its expertise in the wine industry, Soufflet Vigne also shares a very similar philosophy to that of OneCircle, notably in its commitment to sustainable, high performance and quality wine production and its objective of enhancing the value of all stages of wine production, from the vine to the glass.

To learn more about Soufflet offering of KeyKeg, visit website or contact us here.

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