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De Kelk | Great beers, good music in a pub with history

04-19-2018 | Door géén
De Kelk, which translates as The Chalice, is a famous pub in Bruges established in 1909. Since 2016, the pub has been run by Vincent De Jaegher and Lisa Demeyre, a young couple who have the ambition to revive its former glory.
De Kelk | Great beers, good music in a pub with history

"We bought De Kelk two years ago with the ambition to bring this famous real ale pub back to its heyday. After a major renovation we are really happy that we have succeeded in creating a great atmosphere with good music and a focus on specialty beers – which are all poured from KeyKeg.

De Kelk is widely known and renowned in Bruges, so this was a unique opportunity to create a wonderful new venue. We now have a big lounge bar as well as two auditoriums for music concerts and other events which together can hold 500 visitors. We changed a lot but we have kept the name. Everyone in Bruges knows De Kelk. It's a name and heritage you should build on, not throw away!

De Kelk attracts tourists as well as local people who have quickly found their way back to us. This local aspect is really important to us. Every day, people can come here to enjoy the best beers and great music, so if they keep coming back, it means that you're doing something right, that you are offering them a quality product and good service.

One of the breweries we work with very closely is Beerdevelopment Viven, a local brewer from Sijsele, a village just outside Bruges. We really value such local partnerships, not only because it's nice to deal with people you know, but also because it means we cut our transport costs and help the environment. Viven's specialty beers such as their Master IPA, Porter and Blond are very popular at De Kelk. We pour all our Viven beers from KeyKeg, just like all the other top craft beers we serve, such as Brewdog, Préaris and Struise Brouwers.

Specialty beers in particular really benefit from the KeyKeg system, because it provides improved quality compared to stainless steel kegs. The taste of our beers remains consistent for longer and there is no danger of saturation, which you do have with traditional kegs. With KeyKeg we can keep our beers for as long as four weeks. Another advantage is the ease of use. KeyKegs are much lighter than steel kegs, so they're easier to move around and they are quicker to work with.

But possibly the most important advantage is that with KeyKeg you pump the beer from a vacuum bag. You no longer need to use heavy and expensive CO2 or nitrogen tanks. This means not only better taste, more space and less costs, but also that you can dispense without polluting propellants. If I tell my customers about the KeyKeg system, this environmental aspect really resonates with them. Especially if they know that the plastic KeyKegs do not end up as refuse and are fully recycled. Besides, my clients also have their own reasons for preferring the KeyKeg system. "At De Klerk we even believe that the method KeyKeg uses to dispense reduces or even completely make hangover a thing of the past!"

Visiting Brugge? Experience the wide range of specialty beers on draught at De Kelk. For more information, visit the Facebook-page.

Address: Langestraat 69, 8000 Brugge Belgium
Phone: +32 (0) 487244103

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