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Brew Export | Putting American Beer on the World Map

04-30-2018 | Door lwc
Still in her early twenties, Shannon Long co-hosted the Michigan Emmy Award winning TV-show Pure Brews America for three consecutive seasons and has been running her own company Brew Export since 2015. Exporting craft beers for American breweries across the globe, her mission is to connect the world through beer with UniKeg the vehicle of choice to make this happen.
Brew Export | Putting American Beer on the World Map

“I got acquainted with beer as a student at Michigan State University and I have enjoyed good craft beer ever since. It got serious when I decided to do my International Relations and Marketing thesis on the export of beer to Singapore. This gave me a fantastic insight into the many intricacies and complexities involved with exporting beer abroad. I learned that most American craft breweries were not exporting, because the process is simply too complicated, too costly and too time-intensive for any small or midsize brewery to take on.

After graduating, I made the decision to fill this gap and build my own company, Brew Export. We manage the international sales, compliance, logistics and international marketing for forty American craft breweries. The breweries can focus on making their award winning beers, and we handle the rest.

Almost half of our suppliers are from the Midwest, which is where we are based. Since this is an inland area, it is often overlooked for export, but the beers are among the best in the country. They are in great demand in other parts of the world, because they add variety and quality to the mix of craft beers already available.

Our mission is to connect the world through beer, and the UniKeg one-way solutions are a great vehicle to make this happen. We recommend all our suppliers to work with UniKegs. We were over the moon when the UniKeg was launched in 2016. It was exactly the product we were looking for. Many overseas importers and distributors have had issues with other brands, but UniKegs are safe, solid and cost effective. Besides, they keep the beer fresh, and I also enjoy the look of them and the fact that they come in different sizes. We are excited about OneCircle's full commitment to 100% recyclability for their kegs. It means we can reduce our carbon footprint in transport without filling more landfills or polluting the oceans with plastic. It is also great to know that the larger part of the kegs are re-used for the production of new kegs.

The communication and support from OneCircle has been fantastic. To be honest, I initially thought my account representative, Lindsay, was actually based at their US offices in Chicago, because her responses were always so timely. When I found out she is actually based in the Netherlands, I was just blown away!

In the last three years, I have hosted a TV show on craft beer and built Brew Export. Through these experiences, I feel more strongly than ever that American craft beers deserve a global platform, and that with the continued support from great companies like UniKeg, Brew Export can provide just that: to put American beers on the world map.”

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