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7 Fjell Brewery | Great for keg maturing beers!

04-30-2018 | Door lwc
Jens Eikeset is co-founder and CEO of 7 Fjell brewery, a craft brewery in Bergen, Norway, who produce a wide range of quality beers.
7 Fjell Brewery | Great for keg maturing beers!

“I always joke that I am co-founder, CEO and janitor here at 7 Fjell Bryggeri. Basically, my main task is to make sure that the things that need to happen, do happen.

Together with my two business partners Morten Dale and Steinar Knutsen I founded 7 Fjell in 2013 from a longstanding passion for special beers. I had worked in the bar industry in Bergen for twelve years and just finished my degree in finance, so I gathered the best way forward was to combine my knowledge of special beers and my business expertise, and start a brewery.

7 Fjell means 7 Mountains. It refers to the seven mountains that surround Bergen, much in the same way that Rome was built on seven hills. We are a local brewery with an international outlook. Since 2014 we have expanded our exports to 12 countries, and we are still growing. Our most widely known beer is an American blonde called Småtøs – which in Norway is slang for a certain kind of woman. So remember what you ask for when you order one of those! This is our fashionable and best selling beer - most of our other beers are very much hop driven beers for real craft beer aficionados. Mind you, this is an audience that is still growing. Here in Norway, the microbrewery revolution only started around 2012 and now represents around 4.5% of the market. There's still a world to win!

KeyKeg is pretty much the standard technology and brand for craft beers here in Norway. If you want to sell your beer as a microbrewery to any bar, pub or restaurant, you need to be on KeyKeg. We estimate that each year we send out around 7,500 KeyKegs, mainly the 20 litre kegs, to our clients in Norway and around the world.

KeyKegs are not cheap, but the cost aspect is easily outweighed by all the advantages they offer. One of the main advantages is that with KeyKeg you do not have to look after the returns of kegs, which also means you don't have to clean them. You just fill them, brand them and ship them. At the same time, you know you are still helping the environment, because the plastic is recycled and KeyKeg are improving their environmental footprint on a daily basis.

At 7 Fjell we really appreciate this innovative drive that KeyKeg have. The system combines the pros of steel kegs with the advantages of using a bag in a keg. This makes it efficient in production and delivers a great shelf life. It also allows us to brew beers that can mature slightly in the keg, because we can calculate and control how much oxygen pick-up we will have in the beer. This is a great advantage compared with steel kegs.

We are very happy with the support we get from OneCircle in the Netherlands. They deliver great service and are always ready to support us with anything we need. They even helped us with potential import contracts in other countries!

KeyKeg is not just great for us, but also for our clients. The system is quick and easy to use, and especially the craft beer bars and restaurants are fully set up for them. Also, we don't need to charge deposits and they don't have to fumble around with organising return transports. If OneCircle continues to improve their products and its sustainability, I'm convinced they will remain the standard keg in our industry for years to come.”

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