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LIMITLESS Coffee & Tea in more than 500 offices

06-06-2018 | Door lwc

Matt Matros founded Limitless Coffee and Tea in 2016. Two years later, his company's cold brew coffees and teas are powering office productivity in more than 500 offices across the United States - and growing. After trying a few other one-way options, Matt and his partners opted for UniKeg (and KeyKeg) to support the rapid growth of their business.

 LIMITLESS Coffee & Tea in more than 500 offices

"We provide companies with kegerators (refrigerated keg dispensing systems, eds.) and sell them a choice of organic, wet-washed cold brew coffees and 100% ceremonial grade matcha green tea. It's the new way of drinking coffee and tea in a healthy, sustainable way, and it's helping people in offices across the US to keep fresh and focused. It's what modern, forward-looking customers such as Twitter, WeWork and Pinterest are increasingly looking for.

When we started out we worked with a number of two-way and one-way kegs, but UniKeg and KeyKeg  have proved to be by far the best option for us and for our clients. Unlike the traditional Cornelius kegs they are one-way, stackable, disposable and recyclable. You can ship them out on pallets and you can dispose and recycle them without having to clean them, which saves the environment and is a real benefit in terms of food safety as well.

Compared to other one way kegs, UniKeg and KeyKeg are clear winners on all fronts as well - in terms of durability, stackability, food safety, price and reliability. These properties are also important to our customers. On top of this, they are also easy to handle, and if customers have limited refrigeration, they can lay the kegs on their side without there being any danger of leakage.
The support from OneCircle has been really helpful to us. It's great for us that you have an office in Chicago and your employees really helped us to get to grips with handling the UniKegs in the most efficient way.

We also appreciate the flexibility, the drive for innovation and the expertise at OneCircle. If problems arise, OneCircle pulls out all the stops to fix them as fast as you can. That is something we really appreciate."

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