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The Perfect Match | Europe's top breweries choose KeyKeg

06-20-2018 | Door lwc

Leading American Food & Wine magazine has published a list of Europe's top 15 most important craft brewers, and guess what .... All 15 breweries use KeyKeg to ship their prized beers across the world.

The Perfect Match | Europe's top breweries choose KeyKeg

The fifteen top European craft breweries selected by Food & Wine are, in no particular order:

Brewdog - Scotland
Mikkeller - Denmark
Omnipollo - Sweden
Cloudwater Brew Co - England
Lervig Aktiebruggeri - Norway
Cantillon - Belgium
Brouwerij De Molen - Netherlands
Magic Rock Brewing - England
Stone Brewing Berlin - Germany
Beavertown - England
Brasserie de La Senne – Belgium
Tiny Rebel - Wales
To Øl - Denmark
Naparbier - Spain
Wild Beer Co - England

Ranging from Brewdog in Scotland and De Molen in the Netherlands to Naparbier in Spain and Stone Brewing in Berlin, Food & Wine picked their fifteen top craft beer producers from across Europe. According to the American magazine, these fifteen pioneering brands have broken from Old World traditions and stepped up to the plate to produce some high quality beers with exceptional flavours.

Best quality

"Of course we are tremendously proud that Europe's top 15 craft brewers all use KeyKeg", says CEO Anita Veenendaal of OneCircle, the Dutch company that manufactures and distributes the KeyKeg and UniKeg  brands worldwide. "At the same time, in all modesty, it's not so surprising. These top producers put all their skill and passion in brewing their exceptional beers, so naturally they will choose the packaging that will best preserve their exquisite flavours and aromas. KeyKeg is the only one-way keg that ticks all the boxes for quality, innovation, durability and sustainability. Our innovative kegs guarantee the optimum quality of your beer for longer than any other design, including traditional steel kegs."

Optimum taste

KeyKegs have a patented double-wall, two compartment design with a vacuum laminated bag inside. This gives beers and any other beverages the best possible protection over the entire supply chain, with a longer shelf life, consistent taste and no danger of saturation. KeyKeg's bag-in-keg technology also means the beer can be dispensed using air instead of CO2.

Cost reductions

As well as optimum taste, the lightweight KeyKegs deliver tremendous efficiency savings and cost reductions. Shipping a KeyKeg saves 25 to 30% in transport weight and because they are 100% recyclable and do not have to be returned or cleaned with hazardous chemicals, they can save up to 65% in transport costs as well as dramatically reducing the producer's carbon footprint.


Breweries also choose to use KeyKegs because it benefits their customers. The lightweight kegs are much easier to shift and store than traditional steel kegs. The system is quick and easy to use, and especially craft beer bars and restaurants are often fully set up for them. Also, breweries don't need to charge their clients deposits and the clients don't have to fumble around with organising return transports.


"For any brewer looking to expand their sales and in particular their exports, KeyKeg provide the best possible proposition", says Anita Veenendaal. "We are known for our innovative drive and we are constantly developing our products and services to benefit the complete supply chain, from brewery to distributor, catering outlets and ultimately the consumers. So they can enjoy their adventurous, mouth-wateringly delicious beers just as intended by the brewers."

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