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Wine on tap at Zandvoort’s Hotel Grand Café XL

07-10-2018 | Door lwc

In the centre of the famous Dutch seaside town of Zandvoort, the Hotel and Grand Cafe XL immediately stands out with its authentic colonial style façade and lively outdoor area.

Hotel and Grand Cafe XL is run by husband and wife Mike Aardewerk and Hanny Bloos, two well-known names in the local Zandvoort area, with many years of experience in the hospitality business. In the past, Mike and Hanny owned and managed a nightclub and a pub in Zandvoort, before opting to work for a boss. But when they were offered the chance to take over the establishment on Kerkplein eight years ago, they simply could not resist and decided to have another go at running their own business. "We both knew the place, and we both immediately recognised its great potential", Mike explains. "We've been running XL for 8 years now, and there's not a day that we regretted starting this new adventure", adds Hanny. In the meantime, their son Max has joined them in management, and they are now staffed by 32 bar, kitchen and hotel personnel.

Wine on tap at Zandvoort’s Hotel Grand Café XL

Wine on tap

Mike explains that they have been serving wines on tap for years at XL. "At first, we did have trouble finding the right type of keg for our wines though", adds Hanny. "We tried a range of different types, from steel to one-way kegs, and different manufacturers. But the last four years we've been serving our wines on KeyKeg from Oud Reuchlin & Boelen in Zoetermeer. To us, it's the ideal combination. Our account manager at Oud Reuchlin & Boelen, Jeroen Dorenstouter, knows exactly what we are looking for in our wines. And the KeyKegs are perfect for the job."

"The plastic kegs are lightweight, easy to handle and easy to stack in our cellar", Mike chips in. "Also, KeyKeg is the only system that allows you to use air instead of CO2 to pump the wine up to the taps. This is better for the environment, and because no propellants come into contact with the wine, the quality is optimally preserved."
Another important advantage Mike and Hanny point out is that KeyKeg is ideal for automated tapping systems. The kegs are easy to connect, the wine stays fresh for longer and KeyKegs can be completely emptied, to the last drop. "On top of this, KeyKegs are really easy to process after use", Mike adds. "We just vent the kegs, flatten them and put them in our plastic waste containers. I can tell you, it makes our life a lot easier!

Annually, Hotel Grand Cafe XL uses around 128 kegs or 3,360 litres of wine from KeyKegs. OneCircle is proud to be working with Oud Reuchlin & Boelen. They make it possible for hospitality businesses such as Mike and Hanny's to choose the best way to serve their wines by the glass, maintaining optimum quality and freshness.

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