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Lervig | KeyKeg is the preferred option for export

07-13-2018 | Door lwc
When brewmaster Mike Murphy was hired at Lervig Brewery in Stavanger, Norway, he quickly expanded the business to add a wide range of exciting craft beers. With this new range, Mike also introduced KeyKeg as the preferred option for exports and later also the domestic market.
Lervig | KeyKeg is the preferred option for export

"I think at first the owners of Lervig were a bit anxious at what I was doing introducing all these new IPAs, stouts and other craft beers. But when they saw our new direction was reaping rewards, they soon pretty much gave me free rein.

Listing in RateBeers Top 100

In 2014, we got our first listing in the RateBeers top 100 and nowadays we are recognised across the world as a quality craft beer. Our exports total 30% of our annual production and you will find our beers everywhere, from Europe to Australia to Asia and the US.

We introduced KeyKegs for our exports soon after I had started. I had not worked with them before, but I remembered hearing somewhere they were the superior brand of one-way kegs, without any of the problems that other brands had. Soon, we also started using KeyKeg for the non-mainstream craft beers in Norway and now we only use steel kegs for a few bars which are local to our company in Stavanger. The rest is all KeyKeg. You see, Norway might only have a tiny population of a few million people, it's a gigantic country with huge distances and tricky logistics to match.

KeyKeg improve your logistics

The best thing about KeyKegs compared to steel kegs is that they really improve your logistics. Shipping is easier and cheaper, and you don't need to get them back – and believe me, it's hard to reclaim our steel kegs over here, it's a logistical nightmare. Of course, you don't need to wash them with chemicals like you do with steel kegs. And in our case KeyKegs fill a lot faster than steel kegs.
The advantages compared to other one-way kegs in my mind are their durability, the fact that they don't leak or break. And of course also the way they are engineered to preserve the quality of the beer, the fact that they protect the beer from sunlight and from direct contact with gas. And they are a great vehicle to brand your beers, especially at beer festivals. We have put a lot of effort in the art work for the labels and branding of our newer craft beers and it's great to see if that is picked up by people. If they then love the beer as well, even better. But you know what? I always trust they will!"

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