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St Austell Brewery – Cornwall, UK

08-03-2018 | Door lwc

St Austell Brewery in Cornwall is one of the biggest family owned breweries in the UK, with a rich history spanning over 160 years and a range of award winning beers including Proper Job and Tribute. According to Brewing & Bottling Manager Rob Orton the secret of their success has been their commitment to quality, continuous innovation and a forceful drive for sustainability. This includes their choice for KeyKeg, the world's leading one-way keg.

St Austell Brewery – Cornwall, UK

"St. Austell was founded in 1851 by Walter Hicks, the great great-grandfather of the current CEO James Staughton. I myself started at St. Austell fourteen years ago and worked my way up to where I am now. That's part of the philosophy here, to invest in people, further knowledge, reward success and embrace new technologies. Everyone is proud to work for St. Austell, and the company takes great pride in brewing high quality beers. I think the brewery has grown eightfold in the time I've been here. The management will always look for new opportunities, and our brewing director Roger Ryman is always ahead of the curve. So, well before the craft beer boom kicked off in the UK around 2010, we had already been producing American style IPA's for more than 5 years.

We started using KeyKeg in 2011 for our exports to overseas countries and continents. We export as far as Asia and Australia. Compared to other one-way kegs, the KeyKegs stood out for their bag in keg design and the hygiene, quality and freshness this delivers. We did a few tests and we were really impressed. Beers held their quality for more than a year and in a keg on dispense test, we could only find a slight deterioration in the quality after a full two months. Knowing that we are not the fastest selling beer in faraway regions in Asia and Australia, this increased shelf life is an important feature to keep our customers happy. Some of our overseas customers even insist that we use KeyKegs, knowing from experience that they are superior to any rival brand.

As well as selling a great product with KeyKeg, OneCircle also make sure that they listen to what we, the customers, have to say. They really take on board what we tell them and use this information to upgrade their kegs, also when it comes to the environmental aspects. This year we were awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for our sustainability programmes across our operations, so naturally we are keen to make sure that our one-way KeyKegs are handled responsibly by our overseas customers. In that light, we are really happy with OneCircle's awareness of the importance of sustainability and their newly launched One Circle initiative to step up the collection and recycling of one-way kegs around the world!

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