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Brewery Meteor | KeyKeg is the perfect vehicle for them

08-09-2018 | Door lwc
Dating back to 1640, the Meteor brewery in the Alsatian village of Hochfelden is the oldest brewery in France. Since the 19th century, the brewery has been headed by the Haag family. Representing the 8th generation, newly appointed 32-year old managing director Edouard Haag is determined to successfully steer the company through the challenges of the 21st century, just like his father and forefathers did before him. He foresees an exciting future – and one in which KeyKeg will also have an important role to play.
Brewery Meteor | KeyKeg is the perfect vehicle for them

"The name Meteor was actually coined in 1920 by my great-great-grandfather Louis Haag. In 1927 he developed our most iconic beer to date, a lager which was inspired by the famous Czech lagers from Pilzen. Now, almost a century later, we have started to diversify into specialty beers again, including our Wendelinus range of top fermenting beers, an organic beer, a zero alcohol beer and various limited editions.

These special beers are a real growth market, also for Meteor, and KeyKeg is the perfect vehicle for them. Because of the design with a vacuum bag containing the beer inside the keg, bars and restaurants with a wide range of specialty beers on draught are able to keep our beers for as long as up to six weeks after broaching without losing any quality in taste. For the same reason, this bag in ball principle has also turned out to be an ideal solution for small distributors and restaurants and bars who want to sell our lagers, but don't have a turnover which is fast enough for using steel kegs. Using KeyKeg these smaller clients also avoid having to invest in deposits and return costs for steel kegs.
Another big advantage is that vendors can choose not to use CO2 gases to pump the beer up from the kegs – because of the vacuum bag, they can simply do this using a small compressor, which is healthier, cheaper, more sustainable and makes for better tasting beer!

Although our exports only account for 5% of our total turnover, we are committed to growth in this department and confident that we can rely on KeyKeg to realise these ambitions - because they are the best in their class: lightweight, robust, easy to stack and perfect for branding our beers overseas. Of course, in terms of sustainability and circular solutions, one-way kegs are not always ideal, especially when in some regions or cities it's difficult for customers to make sure they are recycled in the proper manner. This is why we are really happy that the people at OneCircle are committed to solving these problems and have set up their recycling initiative to organise collections and make KeyKegs fully circular. According to me, this will be the next improvement for KeyKeg to become the undisputed market leader in one-way kegs.


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