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KeyKeg production and warehouses in Spain

03-15-2019 | Door lwc

Because of the growing demand for KeyKeg and UniKeg in Europe, OneCircle is opening two warehouses in Spain. The warehouses are located in the Guadalajara and Bilbao regions and are an addition to the production plant in Guadalajara that will be opened in 2019. Thanks to the location, the warehouses will serve to meet orders not only from Spain but from all over Europe.

KeyKeg production and warehouses in Spain

Anita Veenendaal, Chief Executive Officer of OneCircle, says: "We see service as a crucial element of our success. Next to the product, we aim to provide the best service and keeping stock as close to our customers as possible. The new warehouses will further improve this service. And it will further reduce our carbon footprint, the costs of transport and improve delivery times."

With the opening of the production line and warehouses in Guadalajara, OneCircle has a global presence of 5 production lines and 12 warehouses. However, it doesn't end there for the company. In 2019 another line will be opened elsewhere in Southern Europe in order to keep up with demands and so that OneCircle can keep offering customers the best possible service and flexibility.

About OneCircle
OneCircle is serving thousands of happy customers from warehouses and sales offices spread worldwide and production facilities in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and the company's native Netherlands. Across all continents, breweries, winemakers, producers of soft drinks and other beverages are making the switch to KeyKeg and Unikeg. Since its start in 2006, OneCircle from Den Helder in the Netherlands, has grown into an impressive global market leader.

Sustainable packaging solution
The family owned business has an eye for the long term and especially for the environment. For this reason they started a recycling initiative to create and implement collection networks in a varied number of countries in addition, when possible, to the existing waste streams. OneCircle is continuously partnering with relevant businesses to create a circular economy.

At the moment the initiative started successful collection and recycling projects in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Belgium, broadening the reach from these counties to global networks. At the same time, OneCircle is exploring effective networks to be introduced to additional countries across the globe. We have to highlight that our activities are continuous work in progress, taking our responsibility in the end of life of kegs.

Barcelona Beer Festival
Visit us at Barcelona Beer Festival, booth 26. We would like to understand your business objectives and see how we can design solutions to effectively support your business. If you are not able to visit us at Barcelona Beer Festival, check our website or contact us via

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