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Humlegårdens Ekolager; official reseller KeyKeg and UniKeg in Sweden

04-11-2019 | Door lwc
The demand for KeyKeg and UniKeg is increasing every day. That's why OneCircle is constantly searching for new partners. We are proud to announce Humlegårdens Ekolager as an official reseller for KeyKeg and UniKeg in Sweden.
Humlegårdens Ekolager; official reseller KeyKeg and UniKeg in Sweden

Humlegårdens Ekolager is a family owned business founded in 1992. Since the start they are the market leader in the market of high quality ingredients and equipment for small-scale brewers and homebrewers. To extend the range of products needed to sell the best beer, Humlegårdens Ekolager added KeyKeg and UniKeg to their packaging mix.

Manager Svante Ekelin, explains: "Our business idea is to provide good ingredients, equipment and literature, as well as good service, to home brewers and craft breweries. Since the demand for an environmentally friendly packaging is growing, with KeyKeg and UniKeg, we are proud to have a proper solution for the market now.

KeyKeg and UniKeg are the only kegs that are designed with circularity in mind - the grip rings and base cups are made of 100% recycled materials. Besides the environmental advantages of our partnership with OneCircle, we believe the use of KeyKeg is adding important value to the business of our customers. KeyKegs are created with a double wall which ensures that the keg is safe throughout the whole supply chain. The'bag-in-keg technology' protects the precious cargo the brand owner has created against external influences such as oxygen pick up and CO2 loss, ensuring the product arrives fresh every time.

KeyKegs are very efficient for transport. Thanks to the progressive design of the grip ring, all kegs link together improving pallet stability and excellent stackability, making KeyKeg the preferred kegs for domestic and global market."

Anita Veenendaal (CEO OneCircle): "We are proud to work together with Humlegårdens Ekolager in Sweden and the Baltic States. We are always searching for possibilities to add value to the business of our customers and to the customers of our customers. Together we can make it as easy as possible for the customers to grow their businesses."

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