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Depressurising a KegKeg

05-16-2019 | Door lwc
KeyKegs are the safest one-way PET kegs on the market and meet the strictest safety requirements thanks to the patented Double-Wall™ technology.


Depressurising a KegKeg

Every single KeyKeg is pressure tested in-line during production up to 7 bar (102PSI) to ensure its safety. The specially designed KeyKeg dispense head is fitted with a safety release valve that automatically opens at the maximum working pressure of 4,1 Bar (60PSI).

For bars and restaurants, using a KeyKeg is simple and safe. Simply tap the keg using the KeyKeg dispense head. When the keg is empty, depressurise it immediately and prepare the keg for recycling by using the integrated deflating tool on the dispense head or the re-usable and separately provided red deflating tool to release the pressure in the keg. Simply flip the switch on the dispense head or attach the red deflating tool to the top of the keg, push down and turn to safely depressurise the keg before disposal. When all the gas is released, crush the keg and remove the tool.

For more information about the use and disposal of KeyKeg, visit:

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