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Cocktails on tap

11-25-2019 | Door lwc
Casey Sorenson spent five years developing drinks at London's prestigious Soho House – this even included serving cocktails on tap by the poolside in Shoreditch.
Cocktails on tap

Casey quickly recognised that cocktails on tap were a great new business opportunity, so he founded Black Lines with his business partner Kuleen Khimasia.

To ensure a consistent, great tasting serve, Black Lines partnered with a number of top independent distilleries including Chase Distillery, East London Liquor Company and Kanpai Sake. Batched, kegged and bottled by hand in Tottenham in the Old Triumph Motorcycle factory, the team have spent the last two years perfecting their techniques, processes and recipes and now boast a menu of 8 serves, which includes: Aperol Spritz, Mojito, Negroni, Paloma, Elderflower Collins, Pear & White Tea Fizz, Rum Punch and a Blackcurrant Gin & Tonic.

One of the most important decisions in the early days was to choose the right sustainable packaging for a start-up business and they found the answer in KeyKeg. They are more commercially viable than steel kegs, requiring little or no capital investment and the bags inside them make them compatible with compressed air and any gas. They are also very easy to use in the factory when filling the kegs, and equally easy to use on any beer dispensing system in bars and restaurants.

Now Black Lines is the only brand fulfilling demand for premium draught cocktails and is sending its range of classic cocktails around the UK in 20L KeyKegs. From Mojitos to Negronis, consumers can enjoy their drinks without any compromise to quality and taste.

When the kegs are empty, Black Lines' distribution partner collects them and ensures they are recycled through the OneCircle community. This has proved an important benefit for customers who are concerned about plastic waste.

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