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KeyKeg collaboration with Paris Beer Week 2019

06-18-2019 | Door lwc
Paris Beer Week is one of the festivals that we love because of the connection with all the independent brewers and suppliers to the French Craft Beer Movement.


KeyKeg collaboration with Paris Beer Week 2019

At the festival, 74 brewers from all around the world will be gathering to make the festival a success. Many of the brewers are using KeyKeg because it makes economic sense, is ideal for export, and the circular design of the keg makes it a more sustainable option. KeyKeg helps brewers grow their business.

This year KeyKeg and their initiative OneCircle are collaborating with the organisation. All KeyKegs used at the festival will be collected to make sure they will be processed the right way. And all brewers are invited to bring their empty kegs as well.

On June 16, Brett Lamont (Senior Business Creator) is one of the guest speakers at the conference and will be explaining about the use of KeyKegs and the challenge of PET-kegs in general.

The Paris Beer Week is organized by the association Bières et Papilles, a collective of volunteers which includes independent professionals, craft beer lovers, and associations which are part of the craft beer scene. The goal is to create public interest in craft beers and to share the love of beer!

Read more about the OneCircle initiative. Only together we can leave the world a better place.

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