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Time and Tide Brewery

06-27-2019 | Door lwc

Kerry and Paul Campling spent years dreaming of starting their own brewery. Established in their careers, they dreamed of setting it up one day, and Paul researched the many options open to them. When he met Sam Weller, a brewer and marine biologist with a passion for craft beer, he knew he had found the ideal partner and they worked together to make the brewery a reality.

Time and Tide Brewery
Kerry explains the Time and Tide story.

Six years ago, we were in the middle of a craft beer revolution and wanted to establish a brewery that produced really creative, hoppy beers, where quality and flavour were of paramount importance. Before setting up our own brewery we gypsy brewed at a local brewery to make sure we had the right formula and the right packaging. We initially used casks, but they weren't really the best option for dispensing the type of hoppy beer we wanted to make, so we looked at other options.

Sam identified KeyKeg as the highest quality product and was adamant that this was the best option for our beers because they would keep them as fresh as the day they were brewed – crucial when you are building a brand on taste. However, we faced a challenge in the local area, as KeyKeg wasn't really used, and we had to really sell the benefits to get pubs, bars and restaurants to understand and buy in to the change. We even went as far as installing new dispense systems to ensure the KeyKegs were compatible.

The KeyKeg team have been extremely helpful in this process and their technical experts are only too happy to speak to customers directly to help them fully understand how to use, depressurise and dispose of the product.

One of the big questions from our customers about using a plastic keg was around recyclability. Part of our philosophy as a conscientious brewery is to ensure that we do everything as sustainably as possible, whether its is sourcing local products or making sure our packaging is recycled. To help our customers, we registered as a waste collector so that we could pick up their empty KeyKegs and ensure they are recycled. This is particularly important in an area of the UK where the recycling infrastructure is patchy at best.

The other huge advantage of KeyKeg is that it is now manufactured in the UK, rather than shipped here from abroad, which means it is readily available and reduces carbon footprint.

Time and Tide now provides countless pubs, restaurants and bars across England with its beers, which range from barrel aged saisons and imperial stouts to pale ales, IPA's and lager, using both 20L and 30L KeyKegs. The brewery has built up such as strong reputation for its quality and flavours that it is already exporting to Europe and beyond – in KeyKegs of course!

I think it is really impressive that KeyKeg is so committed to improving the sustainability of its products, particularly when it comes to recycling. I am very happy to share my experiences of working with their kegs as I believe that they offer the highest quality and the most environmentally-friendly packaging option for fantastic beer.

Time and Tide Brewery | KeyKeg manual filling    

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