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Box Social Brewing

07-11-2019 | Door lwc

Box Social Brewing was established in 2015 by father and son duo Steve and Ross Holland. The brewery's aim is to create new and exciting beers to get people talking to each other and question their perception of beer.

Box Social Brewing

'Box Social' is based on a concept originally started in Victorian Britain where middle-class people had few acceptable ways to socialise and meet new people. The idea of "box socials" emerged - events held at various people's houses where they could mix in a risk-free environment. Steve and Ross have taken "Box Socials" into the 21st century, connecting people over great artisan craft beer.

After a long time working out of Steve's garage and brewing beer for themselves, the team decided to take the plunge and set up shop in a small industrial estate in Newburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on a six barrel kit. They built a small tasting room on site so that people could come and taste the freshest beer possible and began working to develop their beer range. Four years later, they were selling out of beer faster than they could make it and decided it was time to take the next step.

Box Social moved into its new 15 Barrel brewery in February 2019, allowing them to create even better beer, but more of it! As the brewery has expanded it has also had to explore ways of getting its beer to its customers without compromising its freshness. After trying several different types of one-way PET kegs, Steve and Ross chose KeyKeg to protect their precious brews. They now use 30L and 20L KeyKegs because they are also easy to fill, distribute and stack.

KeyKeg has also helped them with their expansion overseas as they have started exporting their beer to Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Here, the one-way keg provides the ideal solution as there's no costly return journey and the beer arrives in tip top condition.

Back at home in the UK, the brewery's customers are very positive about the kegs, particularly now that there's additional help with recycling. Empty kegs are being returned to the brewery and collected by KeyKeg for recycling and reuse.

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