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Wyllie Recycling joins the OneCircle community to bring KeyKeg recycling to Scotland

08-14-2019 | Door géén

Wyllie Recycling based in Perth, has joined the OneCircle initiative to provide a KeyKeg recycling service for breweries in Scotland. The firm's wide range of specialist collection and treatment services has seen it quickly become the go-to recycling company for the drinks industry.

Wyllie Recycling joins the OneCircle community to bring KeyKeg recycling to Scotland
Wyllie Recycling processes the empty kegs and ensures that the high-quality recycled plastic is sent back to KeyKeg to make new kegs – helping to close the loop. For full kegs, Wyllie Recycling's liquid destruction service means brewers can claim back excise duty on products which haven't sold or are out of date. Secure and fully guaranteed, all packaging is 100% recycled with zero landfill and all beverages are processed into high-quality fertilizer and renewable energy.

Currently, 30% of a KeyKeg is made from recycled material but the ambition is to make the kegs fully circular and OneCircle is a big part of meeting that goal.

John Gilmour, Commercial Manager of Wyllie Recycling, said: "We are delighted to be part of the OneCircle initiative, helping KeyKeg users in Scotland make sure their packaging is recycled and reused. It also ensures KeyKeg is ahead of the game when it comes to Scotland's move towards a deposit return scheme for bottles and cans and is delivering on its commitment to the circular economy."

Annemieke Hartman from OneCircle commented: "KeyKeg is the industry leader when it comes to circular design and we work with partners as part of our initiative to manage and accelerate the recycling of our kegs. I am pleased to welcome Wyllie Recycling to the OneCircle community and the expertise it brings."
In addition to its sustainability credentials, KeyKeg also provides premium protection for draught beverages like beer, cider and wine, ensuring they reach the consumer as fresh as the day they were produced, thanks to the unique bag technology which provides double the shelf life of other PET kegs.

For more information about KeyKeg's products and services, visit To find out more about OneCircle and the recycling initiatives already launched in the UK, visit

Wyllie Recycling is also exhibiting at the Beer Matters Conference in Edinburgh on Thursday, 19 September 2019.

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