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Tiki Sangria: an import success story

08-16-2019 | Door lwc
Tiki Sangria is revolutionising the way Americans enjoy Sangria. Launched five years ago, Tiki's founders spotted an opportunity to import authentic, fresh, draft sangria directly from Spain which is ready to serve in bars, restaurants, and catering events or festivals.
Tiki Sangria: an import success story

The sangria is filled in KeyKegs at the winery and then shipped to New Jersey in the US before it is sent on to distributors across the country. When it arrives at the bar or restaurant, it is fresh and ready to drink. For bar-owners, the good news is that it also has a nine-month shelf life.

John Dorminey of Tiki Sangria explains more about the Tiki Story:

"The Tiki Sangria brand has grown significantly year after year. It has proved extremely popular with beer distributors because Tiki kegs don't need chilling, since sangria is poured over ice. Additionally, we created our own clamp-on towers with faucets, so the distributor does not have to trade out a beer brand already on tap. Tiki Sangria is a great add-on product for distributors and very profitable for bars and restaurants.

"We chose KeyKeg because we knew it would protect the quality and flavour of the sangria on its journey from Spain and across the US. Tiki Sangria is fruit-sweet, not sugary, so freshness and consistency are vital.

"Besides being lighter than traditional steel kegs, the way a KeyKeg functions made the choice a no-brainer. Gas pressurises the inside of the KeyKeg and squeezes the inner bag of sangria, which pushes the sangria through the tap. You can use CO² or beer-gas, but because the bag is an oxygen barrier, you can simply use air via a soda compressor or hand pump. Even better, this means a KeyKeg of Tiki Sangria can be untapped, stored, and then retapped for at least nine months. Portability and zero waste – two things that are a huge benefit to caterers."

Another advantage is that one keg takes up less space than other types of packaging, being equivalent to 26 bottles (750ml), yet still serves 110 glasses of sangria – all as fresh as the day it was made in Spain!

John points out that in the early days he and his team invested a considerable amount of time explaining what a KeyKeg is and how it works because it was relatively new to the market. Now there's more familiarity and better understanding of the product in the market. Distributors and the trade are comfortable using the kegs and enjoying the benefits they offer in terms of quality, convenience, and reducing waste.

Click here for the video tapping with the tiki tower

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