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Brooklyn Brewery – building an international market

08-29-2019 | Door lwc
Founded in 1988 by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter, Brooklyn Brewery was instrumental in exposing a new generation of beer drinkers to flavourful beers that had been all but lost to the American beer scene and igniting a craft beer revolution that would spread around the world.
Brooklyn Brewery – building an international market

Today, the Brooklyn Brewery continues to thrive. Bars and restaurants from Texas to Sweden to Australia proudly pour Brooklyn beer and display its iconic logo in great cities and far-flung places. The brewery now stakes its claim as the largest craft beer exporter in the US.

Joe Thompson, Supply Chain Manager at Brooklyn Brewery, explains the role of choosing the right packaging in achieving this success.

"The brewery was growing rapidly and there was a huge opportunity to take the brand to overseas markets if we could do so in a cost-efficient, sustainable way. For this we needed a lightweight product that would keep the beer in premium condition over long journeys. In 2011, we trialled a range of packaging options and KeyKeg proved the perfect fit. The kegs kept the quality of the beer; it was easy to use for our customers and the customer service provided by the team was excellent.

"This continues to be the case and our customers are very happy. The KeyKeg team are quick to respond if there are any questions or technical issues and will always send one of their experts to help if it is needed.

"We use KeyKeg for all our exported beer which travels to Europe and our major markets of Sweden, UK and France, to Japan, Singapore, Korea and China, and to Australia. Now we are filling around 750 to 1000 20L and 30L Slimline KeyKegs every month as we send our whole range overseas, including Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn East India Pale Ale as well as more specialist brews.

"There's also the added value that the keg can be recycled, with instructions clearly visible on the sleeve. Its important that our customers see it through to the end of its lifecycle once it has completed its journey."

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