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GroenCollect and OneCircle make lightweight plastic beverage containers circular

09-03-2019 | Door lwc
Many plastic beverage containers in the Netherlands are not being recycled and end up in waste incinerators or even end up as "landfill" abroad - even though plastic beverage containers with a circular design contain very valuable raw materials that can be reused. Together with OneCircle, GroenCollect has started a recycling programme for two types of single-use plastic containers in the four major cities of the Netherlands.
GroenCollect and OneCircle make lightweight plastic beverage containers circular

GroenCollect, an innovative recycling company that works with electric cars and people with a disadvantage in the labour market, collects the containers for OneCircle (KeyKeg and UniKeg). GroenCollect collects these used containers in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam and soon in The Hague. GroenCollect then separates the valuable plastic parts, these materials are then compacted into bales and collected by the plastic recycling specialist OneCircle. This way, the material from around 10,000 kegs can be transported by truck. OneCircle then processes most of these raw materials into plastic granules for the production of KeyKegs and UniKegs.

GroenCollect anticipates strong growth and will soon introduce "GroenCollect" in other large Dutch cities such as The Hague and Delft. Philip Troost is one of the two initiators of GroenCollect:
"Our close-knit intelligent logistics with electric cars makes us a strong partner for OneCircle. We are able to pick up KeyKegs and UniKeg at any bar in these major cities. In addition to collecting the barrels, we also offer the bars a full-service package - from organic waste to glass, to cardboard and general waste. We estimate that, together with OneCircle, we will be able to preserve the raw materials of around 200,000 KeyKegs and UniKegs each year for our circular economy."

Annemieke Hartman of OneCircle: "We welcome GroenCollect into the OneCircle community. GroenCollect is a valuable partner in making KeyKeg and UniKegs circular. We can only do that because KeyKegs and UniKegs are the only lightweight packaging with a circular design. We see GroenCollect as a good example of a new generation of innovative recycling companies that use smart, sustainable logistics systems and a large dose of innovation to turn waste into raw materials again. Ultimately, they help us and our customers to make an important beverage packaging circular. This will significantly reduce the environmental impact per litre of beverage."

More than 81% of a KeyKeg consists of PP and PET, two types of plastics that can be reused as a circular raw material. The rest of the materials can be used in other high-quality applications. Each KeyKeg already consists of approximately 30% circular material. This share will increase further in the coming years. This year alone it has increased by at least by 4%.

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