OneCircle (Lightweight Containers)

Minimizing carbon footprint through smart logistics

04-30-2019 | Door lwc
OneCircle is setting up a network of OneCircle Collection Communities in England. At strategic locations of members of the Collection Community OneCircle KeyKeg baling machines have been placed. As soon as sufficient bales of KeyKegs have been produced, the most efficient routes will be calculated using smart logistics software and the truck will then pick up from the members of the Community Collection.
Minimizing carbon footprint through smart logistics

The bales are then delivered to the OneCircle recycling line in the Netherlands, where the bales are disassembled and then processed them into raw materials with which semi-finished products for KeyKegs are made.
Thursday, April 24, another combination shipment of used KeyKegs arrived from the UK. This time with KeyKegs from among others Thornbridge, York Brew and Buxton breweries.

8,300 baled KeyKegs
‌Bryan Mahieu, senior business creator and responsible for organizing transport: "We are all convinced that the carbon footprint of a KeyKeg or UniKeg must be among the lowest in the industry. Smart logistics makes an important contribution to this. That is why we usually use trucks that, after delivery of new KeyKegs, take used KeyKegs on the way back and thus save on extra kilometers. These trucks meet the very latest Euro standards. Moreover, there will be around 8,300 baled KeyKegs in a transport, which limits the carbon footprint per KeyKeg per kilometer. Smart and well-planned logistics therefore help to further limit the environmental impact. "

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