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Zythos beer festival and OneCircle collect used KeyKegs

04-15-2019 | Door lwc

This year the Zythos beer festival is taking place in the Brabanthal in Leuven, Belgium for the 16th time. Zythos, the organizer and a well-known Belgian beer consumer association, will collect all KeyKegs at the festival in collaboration with OneCircle. The collected KeyKegs will then be processed by OneCircle into new raw materials for KeyKegs.

Zythos beer festival and OneCircle collect used KeyKegs

Freddy van Daele from Zythos: "We offer both established and novice brewers a platform with an international audience. All continents are represented at the festival. In addition, a lot of importers will also be present. Collecting and processing the raw materials from used KeyKegs is very welcome for us as this makes us more sustainable. Taking good care of our environment concerns us all, so the more circularly recycled or reused, the better. "

In 2018, Brewery 'T Verzet' won the Zythos overall beer prize. Alex Lippens, co-founder of 't Verzet about the festival and KeyKeg: "The Zythos festival is the most important beer festival in Belgium. It also gives us better access to the West Flemish market. Sustainability plays an important role in all our considerations. We use KeyKegs for our fast growing export and we are very happy with this recycling initiative from KeyKeg. We already have many used KeyKegs that we would like to take with us and deliver to the Zythos festival. "

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