OneCircle (Lightweight Containers)

OneCircle collect empty KeyKegs at Bruges Beer Festival

02-02-2019 | Door lwc
During the Bruges Beer Festival, OneCircle collected the empty KeyKegs. The hundreds of kegs will be processed into raw materials for making new KeyKegs.

The creators of the Bruges Beer Festival had informed the brewers and Bruges residents of the circular initiative in advance.

OneCircle collect empty KeyKegs at Bruges Beer Festival
‌Festival chair Marc van de Pitte says, 'We've had a lot of enthusiastic response from both festival visitors and brewers. Working with OneCircle was great, and the operation of collecting all the used KeyKegs and UniKegs went smoothly.

OneCircle is a fine example of a manufacturer taking their responsibility, and I can see a future Bruges Beer Festival ultimately having only KeyKegs and UniKegs.' More information
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