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Bateman's Brewery and OneCircle are building a circular economy for KeyKegs

11-26-2018 | Door lwc
For two months now, Bateman's Brewery in England has been collecting used KeyKegs, a service that has met with enthusiasm. Bateman's sees the service as part of its plan to make the CO2 footprint of its beers the lowest in the industry.
Bateman's Brewery and OneCircle are building a circular economy for KeyKegs

The English brewer is one of the first to participate in the KeyKeg collection community. This world-wide community consists of brewers, beverage distributors, specialised waste-management companies and OneCircle. Together they are ensuring that KeyKegs are becoming a circular product instead of being incinerated or ending up in landfill. The material from the KeyKegs is re-used to make new KeyKegs.

Scott Lawrence: 'People are getting more critical about all the plastics in England. We're getting more and more questions about recycling KeyKegs, and some customers had even started to store their empty ones on their own. So once we made it known that we were joining forces with OneCircle to collect the empty KeyKegs so they could be made into new kegs, we had a lot of enthusiastic responses. The KeyKeg is a perfect packaging for beer, and it's such a good feeling knowing that our used KeyKegs are being made into new ones. This will lower the CO2 footprint of our beer even further and we'll ensure that the materials in KeyKegs won't end up in landfills and incinerators, but can be used over and over again.'

'We make use of the existing transport system when collecting', says Scott. 'When we deliver full KeyKegs we take the empty ones back with us, so we don't have to plan any extra runs. Our brewery has a press from OneCircle for making empty KeyKegs into bales. OneCircle picks up the bales and processes them in their recycling line. They take thousands of empties with them every time.'

As a member of the collection community, Bateman's is also a drop-off point for bars wanting to bring in their empty kegs to be recycled by OneCircle.

Annemieke Hartman of OneCircle: 'Bateman's Brewery is one of Britain's first brewers to actively help build up the English collection community. They're doing it not only out of the conviction that they want to make the world's most sustainable beer, but also because they see added value for their customers and their business model. By actively helping us to achieve a circular packaging, they're strengthening their brands as well as their customer relationships. What's more, they're directly increasing their customer base this way. As OneCircle, we're very happy with Bateman's active contribution.'

OneCircle has developed a recycling line for one-way kegs. Together with the KeyKeg collection community, it also collects used KeyKegs. Their common goal is to make KeyKeg into a virtually 100%-circular form of packaging.

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