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England taxes plastic packaging

11-01-2018 | Door lwc
The British government is going to charge an additional plastic packaging tax on plastic packaging that contains less than 30% recycled plastic from 2020 onwards. In this manner England wants to stimulate the market for recycled plastics.
England taxes plastic packaging

OneCircle is developing a circular economy for thermoplastic plastics. Annemieke Hartman, member of the OneCircle management team: "We prefer to see this tax sooner than later. This measure will stimulate the demand for recycled materials such as rPet and rPP and thus our recycled plastic raw materials. We are working hard on a circular economy and it is good that the British government is taking the lead in regulations."

OneCircle collects and processes KeyKegs and UniKegs worldwide. Anita Veenendaal, CEO of OneCircle, the producer of KeyKeg and UniKeg: "We have been using more than 30% recycled material in KeyKegs for years. If the packaging tax goes into effect in 2020, that share will be much higher. However, we go further than that. Thanks to OneCircle, we can now reuse the plastics from KeyKegs and UniKegs ourselves. We believe in a closed loop for our kegs where valuable raw materials are no longer lost. We experience this regulation as a welcome opportunity."

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