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OneCircle processes KeyKegs from the London Craft Beer Festival

08-08-2018 | Door lwc
A lot of perfectly tapped beer at the festival also means a lot of empty KeyKegs. 'We are beer' the organization behind the London Craft Beer Festival ultimately wants all waste to be reused. She called on OneCircle for the many hundreds of used KeyKegs.
OneCircle processes KeyKegs from the London Craft Beer Festival

Jaime Judson Partridge, operations director of 'We are Beer': "We have made agreements with a recycling company for the subsequent separation and recycling of our waste. As a result, we are able to recycle 71% of the waste. Our goal is 100%. We work with OneCircle for KeyKegs because they are not only able to recycle KeyKegs but also because the materials from these kegs will be reused for new KeyKegs ".

'We are Beer' has previously appealed to OneCircle at the beer festivals in Edinburgh and Bristol. Jaime Judson Partridge: "We are very happy with the OneCircle service and a cradle to cradle approach feels like the only right thing to do".

OneCircle has developed a recycling technology for disposable plastic barrels. The first recycling line is in the Netherlands and in the meantime the company is working together with partner companies and the KeyKeg supply chain to pick up KeyKegs in various cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Rotterdam and Utrecht. She is also developing a first nationwide collection system and has chosen England for this.

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