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What drives us - Lightweight Containers

What drives us

We believe in listening and innovation. We listen to all partners in the supplychain and translate that into innovations. That combination has created the most advanced plastic keg in the world. This plastic keg is a product that is appreciated by all links in the supply chain – from manufacturer, drinks dis-tributor to the hotel and catering industry – and our customers and their markets are able to grow as a result. From high-quality specialist beer to wine, ciders, coffee, mixed and other still and carbonated drinks – making our KeyKegs and UniKegs real ‘game changers’.

What drives us - Lightweight Containers


OneCircle's R&D teams translate the wishes of our customers and other users into technology and alterations. That didn’t just lead to revolutionary discoveries such as Bag-in-Keg™ technology and Double Wall™ technology, but also constantly leads to less visible improvements. A number of points in a KeyKeg from 2016 have already been further perfected in 2017. Our R&D teams use a strict test programme in order to guarantee the quality of each keg at all times.

R&D - Lightweight Containers
Future - Lightweight Containers


We are working on innovation all the time – even when it comes to what’s happening with our kegs once they have been used. We have worked together with partners to develop state-of-the-art recycling technologies which we use to make the KeyKegs and UniKegs circular. We are also actively working with partners on innovations which will be of material influence on the way in which our customers start to approach their markets. There’s one thing you can always be sure of: a KeyKeg or UniKeg offers the best protection for your drinks and provides you with the opportunity to tap into new mar-kets. As a partner, you will be involved in the latest developments.

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