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By listening carefully to the entire chain, KeyKeg and UniKeg provide superior PET packaging for a variety of beverages.



With a KeyKeg, you are entrusting your drinks to the most advanced plastic keg in the world. Each KeyKeg is equipped with patented Double Wall™ and Bag-in-Keg™ technology. The advanced valve technology does not only make filling at high speed possible but also separates the propellant from the beverage. The plastic keg is able to withstand the most rigorous testing in relation to safety and preserving the quality of drinks. The KeyKegs are constantly subjected to a range of tests by our R&D team.

Each individual KeyKeg undergoes a series of tests on the production line, including a pressure test of in excess of 7 bar. With a KeyKeg, you are therefore choosing a packaging that is years ahead of its time. Due to its two com-partments, KeyKegs strictly separate the drink from the propellant gas. The unique fitting, valve and Double Wall technology guarantee quality under the most arduous physical and climatological conditions.


In addition to its light weight and air-assisted dispensing, a KeyKeg provides the best possible protection for your drink. The drink in a KeyKeg retains its shelf life for a long time, just like in a steel keg. KeyKeg makes that extra difference after connection. The drink retains its quality for several extra weeks, as the propellant gas doesn’t come into contact with the drink dispensed into the laminated inner bag.

Evidence of KeyKegs’ sustainability doesn’t just come from their recyclability, but also from the fact that they consist of over 30% recycled materials. A KeyKeg has a circular design which makes it possible for 81% of each KeyKeg to be re- used for a new KeyKeg. KeyKegs enable you to access new markets with a perfectly protected product that tastes just the same as when it was dispensed.

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With the UniKeg, OneCircle has developed an ideal combination between price and quality. In each UniKeg, in addition to the Double Wall™ technology, a spear and conventional fittings are used. Each UniKeg is therefore very reliable, sturdy and safe. Each UniKeg can be recycled and consists of over 30% recycled materials.


With a UniKeg, you are opting for a very safe and reliable disposable keg which can be used to send your drinks to your customers in the region without any worries. Each UniKeg is equipped with a D, S or A-fitting as standard. Other attachments are available upon request.

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