OneCircle (Lightweight Containers)

Our mission

Our mission

Our company’s aim originated from the wish to leave the world in a better state than that in which the founder of our company found it. This is why we are doing everything we can to improve quality of life and save the planet.

Our mission is: "Leaving the world a better place, by connecting the interests and needs of the entire supply chain so we can contribute to the circular economy of plastics".

Listening every day

Next to our team, we market and sell our products with official resellers. We listen to the wishes and ambitions of our customers on a daily basis and translate these into concrete applications and actions. We consider ourselves as partners for your supply chain as a whole and believe in your growth and thereby also in our company.

Innovative entrepreneurial culture

OneCircle, formerly known as Lightweight Containers, is a family business with an innovative entrepreneurial culture. We are always looking towards the long term, your success and the pleasure with which we achieve that. This is why at OneCircle, we are led by work processes rather than hierarchical structures. So every-one in our company is given plenty of opportunities to fully develop their talents and we are able to respond directly to changes in this turbulent world.

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